Rhodes 3D - MMORPG that transports you back to 1521, Lindos, Rhodes at the time when the Knights of St John were defending their island against Suleiman and his 100,000 strong army.

Submitted by skinhat on Wed, 2006-08-16 00:08.
It is the year is 1521, and Suleiman the magnificent and his 100,000 strong muslim army have invaded Lindos, Rhodes. The Knights of St John are desperately trying to hold them back but against such overwhelming numbers their chances aren't good. The Knights of St John are desperately calling on fighters to come to Lindos, Rhodes to help them defend their island. Are you willing to come to their aid or will you let these brave knights die at the hands of the infidel? Binomo contact

Version 8.02 New! New to version 8.02 you can fight the hordes of Suleimans army, buy property in Lindos, select your player when you start up, write newspaper articles for the Lindos paper, see more information on other players and yourself and hear some music.

How much does it cost?
Its completely free!


Rhodes is an island off the coast of Turkey. The pictures below show where.
  Suleiman's hordes.