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Amon, the helpful guide, shows newcomers around Lindos. He is a Lindos resident who is in the service of the Knights of St John. His generosity to newcomers is renowned.


Gerard organises everything that needs to be done to protect Lindos against the coming invasion by Suleiman. He is a Knight Prefect and if you want to help out he's the one to talk to.


Trixie is a lady that provides many "services" to men. The Knights of St John are very pious would never indulge in her services, yet she strangely knows all them by name. She even knows Amon.


The armourer provides armour to the knights and also buys and sells armour from those who aren't knights. He is impatience is well known and will not tolerate anyone who comes into his shop who is just browsing. He hates swearing and people who wonder into the backroom of his shop.


Peter, the weaponer is an old man who remisces about his glory days as a soldier. He recounts tails that happened so long ago that there is no one around that can dispute them.