Submitted by skinhat on Mon, 2006-09-25 08:25.
Rhodes 3D is developed by Skinhat Software using Skinhat Softwares 3D mud client.

1) Historically Accurate
Rhodes 3D captures the period of 1521 in Lindos, Rhodes with historical accuracy using information based on historical texts.

2) Accurate Environment
The terrain of Lindos uses accurate elevation information from satellite data and structures such as the Lindos acropolis and the Lindos town are constructed from maps. Textures on structures such as the acropolis are from real photographs. Even the weather and time are accurate to Lindos. When it rains there is rain and when its night time there is stars in the sky.

3) Gameplay
Rhodes 3D uses a real a economy ("Loans Standard" economic model based upon paper by L.M. Goldschlager and R. Baxter.), shops, restaurants, banks and a casino. There is also realistic player player interaction such as combat, hugging, thieving etc.

4) Inline video tutorial
Rhodes 3d includes an ingame video tutorial.

5) Tiny install
A MMORPG install is typically over few hundred megabytes while Rhodes 3D is only 9Mg. It is small because it doesnt use a huge cumbersome engine like most RPG games. Instead it uses a client custom built for Rhodes 3D.