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Click to see guide to Lindos video on Youtube

Rhodes 3D is an internet based game where you play online against other players. The game is set in the 16th century on the island of Rhodes, Lindos. During this period the Knights of St John were trying to defend the island against an imminent attack from Suleiman and his muslim army.

To play you need Windows 2000 or above, minimum 1GHz CPU with a minimum of NVIDIA GeForce or ATI Radeon graphics card with NVIDIA drivers or ATI drivers or equivalently endowed card. The game uses telnet port 3302 therefore open this port if your firewall blocks this port.

How to install:
Download executable from here and then install.

How to play:
Run Rhodes 3D and you will see the following screen:

Closer up at the bottom of the screen you will see the following login panel:

This allows you to connect to the game and create a character that you can use to explore Lindos with. You can play as a guest and your character will not be saved next time you play. To play as a guest just click the 'Connect' button. To create your own new character click on the the 'New Player Button'. When you click on 'New Player' you can enter the new players name and then its password twice as below:

You can then enter the name of your new character and the password. When you've entered your new characters name and its password (twice) click connect. Next time you play your characters name and password will be remembered and you can connect straight away.

Once you've connected you will be able to select your character. You can choose between one of 7 characters three of which are female and 4 are male.

Click on the character you wish to play as.

Once you've selected your character you can choose the area in the game where you would like to start. To your left is the exit to the beach where the battle between the knights of St John and Suleimans army is taking place. Straight ahead is an exit to the Acropolis. This is the main fort used to protect the knights. To your right is an exit to the gaming house. Walk through this exit to have a flutter.

Notice on the bottom left hand side there is game text:

This gives you information on whats happening in the game. In the above example the game tells you are a ghost.

To move around use the arrow keys. Move forward by pressing the up key. To turn left either press the left button or hold the mouse down on the screen and move the mouse left. Likewise for right. To move backwards click the down arrow key. To run fast hold down shift as you press forward.

Statistics - Level and Health

The player statistics at the top left hand corner tells you your current level. In the above example the player 'Abeyratne' is level '1'. The level is an indication of how skillful and strong your are as a player.
The bar below your name indicates how healthy your are. If it drops close to zero you are about to die. To heal faster you can sit down. You can sit down by pressing the 'X' key (if you are not chatting) or click the 'sit' button in the actions list.

There are also numerous buttons at the bottom of the screen:

By clicking on these buttons usually a panel is displayed. For example a map is displayed when the 'map' button is clicked:

By clicking on the 'chat' button you are able to communicate with other players (or by hitting the enter key).

By default when you type something in the communication box everyone in the game will hear it (ie shouted). To talk to a person (or people) in the same room as you click the 'say' button and enter the text you want to say. To speak to a particular player click on the 'tell' button and enter the name of the player you wish to talk to in the edit box to the right. In the following example the player is telling 'skinhat' that he smells like fish:

When you are playing your character can do actions such as burping or jumping up in the air. Click on the 'Actions' button to see the actions you can perform:

Other players will see and hear you doing these actions. Click on the action in the panel you want to perform.

As a player you can carry items around with you. To see what you are carrying click on the 'Inventory' button. You will see the following:

As a new player you get a few free items such as cheese, a cloak and food vouchers.To see what you can do to each item move your mouse of the item. In the example above notice that you can 'eat' the cheese that you are carrying.

Not all possible commands are listed. For example you can 'smell' the cheese by clicking 'more' in the dropdown and typing 'smell' like in the example above.

For a map of Lindos click on the 'map' button:

To zoom in closer by clicking on the '+' and '-' to zoom out.

You can also use the map also to walk long distances. By clicking on a point on the map you will see a blue dot appear like in the following example:

When you click on the 'walk' button you will walk to that blue dot. To stop walking to it click the 'stop' button.

To see what you are wearing click on the 'worn' button:

In the above example the player is wearing 'boots', 'gauntlets' and 'sleeves' and the part of the body they are covering is displayed in the list. The number (eg 'boots feet [10]') indicates that strength of the armour of the piece of clothing. It is best to wear the strongest armour possible.

To remove a piece of clothing move your mouse of the clothing and click on 'remove'. To wear it again click on 'wear' in your inventory.

To see the combat commands click on the combat button:

The caption at the top of the panel tells you what you are wielding. In this example the player is wielding a hand axe.
Clicking on strike button will strike the living thing that is in your vicinity with the weapon you are wielding. For enemies (eg Suleiman's soldiers) right clicking with the mouse on the living thing is the same as 'strike'. 'Kick' allows you to strike your foe with a greater range than strike but uses your foot only. 'Punch' is the same as striking a foe without wielding a weapon. 'Push' and 'pull' allows you to move your foe around the room.

Object Information and Commands
Usually you get more information about an object in Rhodes 3D by clicking on it.

You can often get a list of actions you can perform on an object aswell. In the above example the list of actions that can be performed on a chair is displayed. This list is displayed when you click on the downward arrow.

Also possible actions a player can perform is listed when a player right clicks on an a living thing. For example when a player right clicks on Amon the guide the type of information he can give you is displayed like in the example showed below:

This is information is commonly displayed for shopkeepers and notice boards.

First Person Perspective
By default you play in third person perspective. To play in first person perspective instead move the mouse wheel forward (or the alt key while pressing up). Move it back to go back to third person persepctive.

Menu Commands

There are also many other lesser used commands available. Click on the white triangle and then 'More Commands' to see the list. Click on 'help' in the menu to see what each of these commands does.

To quit the game just close Rhodes 3D like you'd close down any other application.

Key Mappings

Key mappings allows the running of multiple commands from one key press. For example in the screenshot above it shows the F1 key being assigned to the commands to 'kiss amon' and 'slap amon' and 'jump' in the air. When the F1 is pressed these 3 commands would be run in succession. To set your own key mappings click on the 'key mappings' menu item under the 'Option' menu. In the 'string' column you can enter each command separated by the ';' character as in the example above.


This dialog allows some changes to the configuration. Click on the 'options' menu item to display the dialog. 'Mouse Move' allows the use of the mouse to change the angle camera. Change 'Mouse Sensitivity' to modify how fast the camera moves when mouse is moved. Uncheck the checkbox to stop mouse moving. 'Mute' and 'Volume' allow the volume to be adjusted.