Submitted by skinhat on Mon, 2006-09-25 06:42.

Thanks to mmosite for helping to promote Rhodes 3D:

MMOsite is an online game portal providing comprehensive online game information and services for global gamers. With a system concentrating on ten areas, namely game news, game vault, game feature, video, photo, download, forum, space, answers and gamelist, serves as a platform for users to communicate with each other. Characterized by interaction, MMOsite is committed to establishing itself into an ideal place for gamers to make friends and have fun in the gaming world. Currently, MMOsite has established reputation in North American and European countries, which boast a large amount of gamers. The website has over 45,000 registered users, and 80% of its users are from North American and European countries.

Thanks to GLScene opensource community for a great 3D library: